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Brian Compton's DeskI am a highly creative, versatile, and motivated marketing and branding professional with more than 15 years of experience of successful and compelling marketing, fanatical brand management and a fierce drive to win. I am especially skilled, some say ‘gifted’, at solving complex problems and translating these insights into accessible and effective solutions.

I possess an inimitable combination of analytical, creative and technical abilities: I can see it, think it and do it in a way that you have never seen before.

I am an innovator, big thinker and problem solver most fascinated with making the existing better and creating the “next” thing.

I am a skilled communicator adept at writing, designing, and speaking to any audience.

I love web design and development, as well as marketing, brand creation, brand management, trademark licensing.

TL;DR: I solve problems.

What I Know About Me

  • I am Brian ComptonI do good work for good people.
  • I create.
  • I improve.
  • I destroy (when necessary).
  • I create and improve processes. I do not process processes.
  • Three times is one too many. After two, I automate, delegate, or reconfigurate (I know).
  • I do not coordinate, facilitate or field anything.
  • I give honest opinions to those honestly seeking them.
  • My process is Listen -> Synthesize -> Communicate.
  • I do not suffer fools gracefully.
  • I have all the time in the world for the passionate and brilliant.
  • I ‘see’ concepts in pictures.
  • If it seems like I am not paying attention to you, I’ll be back soon. A genius idea of yours has sparked something creative in my head. Have some coffee.
  • I focus deeply.
  • I use my superpowers for good.
  • I am a researcher. Given a topic, I’ll become a subject matter expert.
  • I believe that ‘why’ is very important.
  • As a designer and writer, my style is the appropriate style for the project.
  • I do NOT do Flash. Never have, never will. Please don’t ask. They asked, I obliged. I *DO* Flash, but only converting from Flash to HTML5.
  • I love to learn and give extra points to projects with opportunities to explore something new.




Currently Using

Skill Years Experience Proficiency
HTML 14 ★★★★
CSS 14 ★★★★
JavaScript 13 ★★★☆
jQuery 13 ★★★☆
PHP 12 ★★★☆
Sass and Compass 2 ★★★☆
MySQL 12 ★★★☆
AJAX 12 ★★★☆
RESTful 4 ★★★☆
Accessing APIs 8 ★★★☆
Bootstrap 6 ★★★★
Foundation 2 ★★★☆
WordPress Single Site 6 ★★★★
WordPress Plug-in Development 6 ★★★☆
WordPress Multisite 6 ★★★☆
Git/SVN 5 ★★☆☆
Google Analytics 8 ★★★☆
Converting Flash to HTML5 1 ★★★☆
Courseware Creation/LMS Integration 1 ★★★☆
Adobe Captivate 9/2017 2 ★★★☆
SCORM 1.2/2004 2 ★★★☆
Hybrid App Development (iOS/Android) 1 ★★★☆
Cordova/Adobe PhoneGap 1 ★★★☆
Graphic Design 14 ★★★☆

Past Skills

Skill Years Experience Proficiency
Marketing 14 ★★★★
Brand Management 14 ★★★★
Trademark Licensing 10 ★★★★
Intellectual Property Management & Law 10 ★★★★
Presentation Development 16 ★★★★
Copy writing 16 ★★★★
Writing, Administering, and Interpreting Surveys 12 ★★★★
Contract Administration 4 ★★★☆

Exploring / Experimenting With

Angular 2

Portfolio: Web


Veteran’s Administration Virtual Medical Center


HTML JavaScript jQuery AJAX Adaptive Web Fonts SVG

Knights Plaza


WordPress PHP AJAX Design MySQL JavaScript jQuery Bootstrap Font Icons SVG



WordPress PHP JavaScript jQuery Bootstrap

AION Partners


WordPress PHP JavaScript jQuery

Nova Granola


WordPress PHP JavaScript jQuery WooCommerce

Story Soapbox


WordPress PHP AJAX MySQL JavaScript jQuery Bootstrap

The Matrix


PHP AJAX Design MySQL JavaScript jQuery

Student Business Cards


PHP AJAX Design MySQL JavaScript jQuery ImageMagick Vector Generation

Resume 2.0


PHP AJAX Design MySQL JavaScript jQuery ImageMagick Doc Generation


Land a desk in a casual, fun environment that is filled with challenges, opportunities, and potential for personal and professional growth. The work should be important. The people should be good.


Earnest creative professional with more than four years of web development experience and 10 years of experience managing marketing, social media, brand identity, trademark licensing, and information technology in not-for-profit, service, and manufacturing environments.

• Successful in solving complex problems and translating these insights into accessible and efficacious solutions and messages.
• Excellent communicator via any medium; first-class copy writer and editor.
• Equally comfortable communicating with consumers, engineers, CEOs or artists.
• Technically and mechanically inclined with ability to quickly learn and apply new skills.
• Skilled user of Adobe Creative Cloud (Illustrator, Photoshop, InDesign, Fireworks), PHP, JavaScript, AJAX, jQuery, MySQL.



Web Development

• Designed, developed and managed feature rich, effective and up-to-date web presences for 12 entities consistent with their individual identities.
• Experienced with HTML, CSS, JavaScript, and jQuery.
• Develop primarily PHP – either from scratch or in WordPress.
• Develop WordPress themes and plugins.
• Experienced in WordPress Multisite.
• Built web-based contract management and reporting database system using PHP and MySQL.
• Member of Apple iOS and Mac OS X application development programs.
• Hybrid app development using Cordova/Adobe PhoneGap.

Marketing, Brand Identity Creation and Brand Management

• Developed and executed strategic marketing plans that supported, achieved, and exceeded unit goals.
• Studied the habits, wants and needs of targeted segments and introduced these findings into our operations as the “Voice of the Customer.”
• Communicated with targeted segments in the manner and place that they prefer.
• Conducted marketing research, advertising, public relations, brand management, and strategic planning activities.
• Developed proposals for services, sponsorships, and naming rights.

Graphic Design, Copy Writing and Editing

• Designed and developed innovative, persuasive, and captivating print, video, and web-based marketing collateral including brochures, postcards, print advertising, and websites.
• Gatekeeper for all departmental external communications ensuring accuracy and consistency.

Trademark Licensing

• Reviewed all retail uses of 30+ trademarks for 2nd largest university in the U.S., growing annual licensing revenue from $93,000 in 2004 to $489,000, an average of 20% per year.
• Provided exceptional customer service as point-of-contact for consumers, 30 retailers and 275 licensees.
• Monitor and enforce on trademark infringing activities, working closely with in-house and external counsel to determine most effective course of action.



• Volunteer with Jobs Partnership as Coach for chronically unemployed and under-employed individuals since February 2016.
• Volunteer editor for Summit Magazine since 2014.
• Former volunteer Director of Communications and Web Developer for a start-up non-profit organization, Turning 22, Inc.
• Frequent guest lecturer in University of Central Florida marketing courses on the subject of trademark licensing.
• Led team that developed and launched the 2007 athletic brand identity update for University of Central Florida in only eight months.
• Received the inaugural Keeper of the Creed Award for Excellence from Student Development and Enrollment Services at the University of Central Florida in 2010.



2015 – Present Tech Lead / Web Developer / Project Manager Engineering & Computer Simulations
2009 – Present Owner** Gray Beetle
2003 – 2014 Coordinator, Contract Management & Web Development* University of Central Florida
2010 – 2014 Trademark Licensing Director University of Central Florida
2003 – 2010 Assistant Director, Marketing and Information Technology* University of Central Florida
2002 – 2003 Marketing Analyst and Education Coordinator Travel Adventures
1999 – 2002 Marketing Analyst MSX International
1995 – 1999 Call Center Trainer and Technical Analyst MSX International

* Reorganization swapped marketing and information technology responsibilities for contract management and web development while retaining trademark licensing in October 2010.
** Part-time web development and business consulting venture concurrent with, and continuing after, university employment.


Master of Business Administration, University of Michigan
Bachelor of Business Administration, University of Michigan


Code Academy
Code School


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